We can take up to 15 passengers at a time on our 35 foot Ocean Pro Boat and up to 12 passengers on our 31 foot Ocean Pro Boat, Flying First Class. Our friendly, experienced crew will assist you throughout your trip. One at a time the crew will assist you in securing your life vest and harness. Once they have launched the chute you will be asked to walk to the back deck of the boat so they can clip you in. You will sail away without ever touching the water. After your hang time in the chute you will be brought back down to the boat. Lift your legs and land on your feet from the same spot you took off from.

You’ll see amazing views views and experience the truly unforgettable feeling of parasailing up to 800 feet above the clear blue waters and town of Avalon. You can fly with out ever getting wet or you can ask for a thrill and tell them to dip your feet in the water! Purchase a Photo Package and our crew will take 25 pictures of your adventure on a 256MB SD Card that you get to take home. Included on the card are 8 commemorative photos of Catalina from the air and the sea.



20 Pleasure Pier, Avalon, CA 90704


33.34408822465794, -118.32463120422972


(310) 510-9280



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