We first started working with Catalina Island in 2004 when we where hired to develop the digital marketing strategy for The Santa Catalina Island Company. We also did marketing and branding projects with the Island Express Helicopters, Catalina Express, Catalina Island Conservancy, and Catalina Chamber of Commerce. Off island we worked with brands like Billabong, Cholula, Sierra Nevada, St Regis, Powder Corporation and many others sharpening our creative and marketing knowledge of the destination travel space. With a strong focus on brand creative and content development our agency continued to grow through a downturned economy. In 2011 we purchased Catalina.com from Sieminski and Associates as they believed we were the best equipped to take the Catalina.com Destination Marketing Organization to the next level. we saw this as an opportunity to create positive change, and planned accordingly. We saw a story that we believed should be told, and having had so many years with a front row seat, so we knew where to start and that was to focus on the island visitor experience.

We believe there is a story to be told by the visitor about the experience of being an “islander” and this unique to each and every person that may visit Catalina Island. Our approach is “Visitor Centric”, communicating the experience of the island and providing resources to visit Catalina based on an informed decision.

The story will never end and continue to evolve as all things do, and that’s the beauty of it. The allure of Catalina will continue to attract the cast of characters that make it so incredibly interesting. We can’t think of a better place to create positive change, and look forward to hearing more of your story and helping you tell it. We all share the same journey, the same passion, for a place we believe is worth it, together with all of you, ” We Are Catalina”.

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